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2019 Innovative Nonprofit Retention Strategies

In order to achieve stability, nonprofits need to build and reinforce the steadfast support of a dedicated staff. Discover how to withstand the ravages of financial, strategic and geopolitical uncertainties by overcoming retention barriers such as economic competition from other employers. 

For a limited time, you can download UST's eBook to discover the top 5 strategies to employee engagement practices that help to foster a desirable workplace. You'll also learn about: 

  • Compensation benchmarking tactics 
  • Creative benefit options 
  • Employee engagement initiatives

This e-book will help you to sustain your organization's workforce and remain competitive in today's ever evolving employee marketplace. Download your complimentary copy today.


Workforce Toolkit – Principle 2 – Introduction to the Organization’s Culture

The LeadingAge Workforce Toolkit is a member-only benefit providing members with tools and resources that will foster a culture of team member engagement—resulting in increased staff retention and improved workplace productivity. This toolkit is based on quality improvement and performance excellence principles and is broken up in five different principles.  

Principle 2 – Introduction to the Organization’s Culture gives you the tools to introduce one of the most important aspects of working at a non-profit, the mission driven values and culture of an organization. 

There are various perspectives on organizational culture, its meaning and importance. Some people believe culture is how organizations do things, or the collection of individuals’ perspectives and varied interests. Others believe that work culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that:    

• define what is of primary importance to us as an organization; 
• will prescribe how resources are to be used; 
• establishes what others can expect from one another; and 
• sets the tone for how members should treat each other.  
Simply speaking, culture is how we respond, react, and behave. 
The tools and resources offered in Principle 2 are focused on teaching and training team members based on your unique culture—why we do things and how we do them in a way that supports the “why.” This approach helps foster a sense of job satisfaction as team members begin to realize how their actions and behaviors impact the everyday culture of the organization, while increasing a team member’s level of comfort within their environment.  

To review the member only tools and content, click here.


Careers that Love You Back – Social Media Content Needed

LAI is creating social media content to promote the reasons why aging services is a rewarding profession. Our goal is to partner with members to share content that will help attract staff to the profession.  

"Careers that Love You Back” asks LAI members to capture short video clips of their staff talking about why they love working with older Iowans. The goal of these stories is to create a variety of videos that promote not only the rewards of working in aging services but also the different types of opportunities from direct care to dietary, culinary, wellness, administration, wellness, activities and more.     

LAI will edit the videos.  The ask from members is short clips (less than 2 minutes) of high-quality video which we will edit and feature in social media videos. If your community is interested in participating in the “Careers that Love You Back” campaign, please contact Dawn Balder and Matt Blake. We will provide you with details and tips for the videos.  


LAI Public Policy Meeting on September 4

The next public policy committee will be held on September 4 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. via the video conferencing system Zoom. The focus of the meeting is reviewing the three proposals for the 2020 legislative agenda and narrowing the focus of the proposals to specific legislative asks. At the end of the meeting there will be an ask for approval of the 2020 LAI legislative agenda. The 2020 LAI legislative agenda will still need final approval from the LAI board.  

If you would like to join the public policy committee or contribute to the discussion on the 2020 LAI legislative agenda, please contact Matt Blake.

Board of Directors Election at Annual Business Meeting

Pursuant to the LeadingAge Iowa bylaws, the governance committee shall prepare a slate of board members and officers for approval by the board and the membership.  The Governance Committee and Board of Directors have voted and recommend the following slate for membership approval at the Annual Business meeting on September 11, 2019 at 4:45 p.m. in conjunction with the Fall Leadership Conference in Cedar Rapids:    

1st Term Nominees*:    

Kim Bergen-Jackson, Oaknoll Retirement, Iowa City (Completed unexpired term in 2018-2019)  

Erin Drahota, United Presbyterian Home, Washington  

Julie Kaminski, Immanuel, Omaha (Campuses in Pleasant Hill, Windsor Heights, Council Bluffs)  

Rob Kretzinger, WesleyLife, Johnston 

Steve Langerud, Mayflower Community, Grinnell 

Cris Vetter, Ridgecrest Village, Davenport  

Shelley Wicks, Simpson Memorial, West Liberty 

nd Term Nominees*:  

Lisa Gates, Friendship Village, Waterloo 

Board Officers*:

Secretary:  Brian Phillips, Highland Ridge, Williamsburg  

Treasurer:  Janet Warren, Luther Manor, Dubuque 

Board Officers Previously Elected and Continuing with Term:

Chair:  Julie Thorson, Friendship Haven, Fort Dodge  

Chair-Elect:  Gretchen Brown, Stonehill Franciscan Services, Dubuque  

Past Chair:  Bert Vigen, Good Shepherd, Mason City 

Remaining board members not up for election this year include: Julie Thorson, Friendship Haven, Fort Dodge; Brian Phillips, Highland Ridge, Williamsburg; Janet Warren, Luther Manor Communities, Dubuque; Gretchen Brown, Stonehill Franciscan Services, Dubuque; Bert Vigen, Good Shepherd, Mason City; Kathy Horan, Aging Services, Cedar Rapids; Matt Garcia, Western Home Communities, Cedar Falls; Laura Kopp, CASI, Davenport; and Heather Rehmer, Bishop Drumm, Johnston.  

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