Hillyard Des Moines is partnered with LeadingAge Iowa in providing its members comprehensive solutions in Infection Control, Education, Training, and Standardization of Cleaning Processes.  We understand providing clean safe, healthy facilities is more than just buying cleaning supplies and equipment.  It's about people. It's about providing the right systems, training, and motivation that elevates your staff to deliver exceptional results.  Results that enhance the level of care at your facility.


This is How We Help:

  • Infection Control Best Practice Evaluations
  • Prevention of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Standardize Written Policies and Cleaning Procedures
  • Staff Education and On-site/Online Training
  • Laundry and Warewash Solutions
  • Equipment and Maintenance and Repair

LeadingAge Iowa Members receive Member Exclusive Savings.  Call Hillyard at 800-584-9237 and let them know you are a LeadingAge Iowa Member to start saving today!