On-Demand Course & Registration Opening Soon

LeadingAge Iowa has developed an online curriculum for the Medication Manager Certification course which is in the final stages of editing with our technology partner and will meet the new DIA requirements effective March 1, 2021.  Registrants can anticipate a research-based course with interactive quizzes to ensure comprehension.  The course includes video demonstrations to assist with learning and has been designed to be mobile and tablet friendly, allowing registrants to take the course from any location.   

Pursuant to Iowa Administrative Code 481--67.5(2)(f), any individual administering medications in an assisted living program, adult day services, or elder group home must have at a minimum successfully completed a medication manager certification course.  Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physician assistants, and certified medication aides may also pass medications under the rule.  The minimum requirements for medication managers are effective March 1, 2021, meaning all unlicensed staff who administer medications must complete the course and clinical practicum by then.   

Highlights of the program:   
  • On-Demand, online training and final exam.  (Approximately 12 hours)
  • Clinical practicum curriculum with guided instructions for onsite training by the program’s registered nurse (Approximately 4 hours)
  • A portable medication manager certificate (Valid in Iowa)
Course Fee:  $145
$125 per registrant through December 31, 2020, to assist with the new regulatory requirement.  (Unlimited space available)

  • Certified Medication Managers must be 18 years of age.   
  • The program’s registered nurse must attest to the student’s completion of the clinical practicum and assessment of skills.   
  • Course registrants must complete each module before moving forward and must successfully pass the written exam and the clinical practicum before receiving certification.
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