LeadingAge Iowa Listservs

LeadingAge Iowa has established listservs to offer our members the opportunity to connect with peers, stay informed, get answers to questions and share what they know with their colleagues in aging services. Listserv access is open only to LeadingAge Iowa members and individuals affiliated with LeadingAge Iowa members and is moderated by LeadingAge Iowa Staff.

There are few things to keep in mind when you are using an LeadingAge Iowa listservs. If you hit "reply," your message will be sent to everyone on the listserv. If you would like to reply only to the sender of the original message, please "forward" the message and type in this person's individual e-mail address. Otherwise, the message will be sent to everyone. Feel free to contact LeadingAge Iowa if you encounter any other issues.

The following listserv groups have been setup.  If you are interested in joining any of them, email LeadingAge Iowa at [email protected].  Once you are verified, an email confirmation will be sent to you with the listserv email address and instructions for each of the groups that you signed up for how to use the listserv.

Activities/Social Services - [email protected]
Administrators - [email protected]
Adult Day - [email protected]
Assisted Living Managers - [email protected]
Business Office/Billing - Business_Office/[email protected]
Chaplains - [email protected]
Clinical Leadership - [email protected]
Dietary Services - [email protected]
Facility Managers/Environmental Services - [email protected]
Human Resources - [email protected]
Marketing/PR/Fund Raising - [email protected]
MDS - [email protected]

Note: Listserv access is open only to LeadingAge Iowa members and individuals affiliated with LeadingAge Iowa members and is moderated by LeadingAge Iowa Staff.

LeadingAge Member Networks

LeadingAge is strengthening and expanding their member networks, which you’ve told us are a valuable way to connect with like-minded peers. And they’ve just launched eight new peer groups: listserv-driven groups focused on key areas of interest for members. These groups are email-based and are intended to be a place to ask a question, share a program or practice, and learn from other colleagues in the field of aging services. Take a look and sign up for one or more.
  • Rural Providers: The Rural Providers peer group is a platform for providers serving older adults in rural areas across the country to talk about challenges and opportunities that they face while operating in more remote areas. Join the Rural Providers peer group today!
  • Human Resources: The Human Resources peer group offers human resources professionals and others who work for LeadingAge members an opportunity to discuss your community’s biggest strategic challenge - HR and workforce issues, policies, and best practices. Join the HR peer group today!
  • Next Gen Professionals: The Next Gen Professionals group offers members who are new to the field and interested in professional growth an opportunity to build connections and learn from leaders in the field. Join the Next Gen peer group today!
  • Workforce: The Workforce peer group offers providers across all settings an opportunity to discuss their successes and challenges related to managing staff recruitment and retention at all levels of an organization. Join the Workforce peer group today!
  • Single Site Life Plan Community (LPC): The Single Site LPC group invites providers to connect with colleagues operating single site communities across the country. Use this platform to talk about the unique challenges and opportunities that arise managing and working at a single life plan community location. Join the single site LPC group today!
  • Philanthropy: The Philanthropy group offers fundraising professionals, CFOs, and others who are interested in philanthropy-related issues an opportunity to discuss various aspects of fundraising, ranging from best practices for fundraising campaigns to recommendations for donor management software. Join the Philanthropy peer group today!
  • Technology: The Technology group offers LeadingAge members, CAST supporters, and CAST Business Associates a vehicle to discuss technology applications for the aging services field. Join the Technology peer group today!
  • LGBTQ: The LGBTQ peer group offers a forum for engaging and sharing with peers about LGBTQ inclusive programs, services, and practices. We acknowledge and honor the fundamental dignity and intersectionality of all individuals and are committed to maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. Join the LGBTQ+ peer group today!

Do you have an idea? Email Amanda Marr, VP of member experience at LeadingAge, to make a suggestion or for help with signing up for a peer group.